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Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Their Story

Terrart started as an idea to provide friends and family a unique present back in the mid 1980s in Caracas, Venezuela. Slowly as it gain popularity and traction, it grew to a small family business where Charly and Henger, Venezuelan born college pals, brought this to New York City. Blending the ingenuity between their love for plants and engineering, Terrart can now be a part of every New York City space.

Their Mission

Charly, Henger and Timothy realize the growing trend of having houseplants to connect with mother nature along with other benefits houseplants carry. Noticing that people may not always have the time and care to really nurture variety of plants, terrariums became the easy solution that is low maintenance, sustainable and affordable. It adds to the complexity of the home while bringing in a minimalist component. Through their intricate work, they want to provide innovative decors to homes, apartments and offices. As demands continue to grow, they have incorporated recycled items to continue the effort to create a sustainable ecosystem.

How Terrart Works

Terrariums are self-sustaining and low maintenance ecosystem using their best selection of plants, soil, stones with a flow of air, food and water to thrive. Because of a closed or sealed environment, it's able to recycle its needs without much effort similar to the ecosystem outside. Air, moisture and light source is working synergistically to make these plants thrive. I thought it was fascinating how you can engineer a smaller version of that environment with intricately placed elements in a sealed container to create a flow of life. This is itself a form of art that is living and can be used to liven a desk space or a home. When you get a Terrart, you'll also be able to see it flourish and grow through time. For more information on how to take care of the terrariums, visit their website for their Care Instructions and FAQs.


Terrarts offers a variety of terrariums and many of which comes from the recycle concept using lightbulbs, jars and liquor bottles. One of their latest most popular piece is the Sensation. In addition, there are different sizes that you can choose from as well the more elaborate statement pieces from the deluxe collection. Whatever size space you have, there is a spot for a terrarium. One of my favorite piece is the lightbulb where it offers enough attention to be put on a space but also nicely size so it doesn't take up the whole table.

Benefits of Terrariums

Aside from the obvious that it can be a statement piece of the home, it brings live to the area especially if you face a desk or area of the house a lot filled with electronics. Houseplants bring a sense of calming, the same when you are walking through a hike or nature. If you may not have a green thumb like me or want to get messy working with an actual pot and soil, this is a great solution for you!


Currently Terrart only delivers to the 5 boroughs of New York City area as they require specific attention and handling of the terrariums. They do not use a third party carrier so everything is hand delivered to you to ensure the terrariums travel to you safely. You can look at the different pieces they offer on their website, https://www.terrartnyc.com/ If you are interested in seeing more, check out their Instagram as well https://www.instagram.com/terrartnyc/

If you like their work please go check them out! Let me know which is your favorite and where you would put them?!

- Cheers


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