Mini Food Crawl - Jackson Heights, NY

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Food crawl is a great way to discover the food in the neighborhood especially if you enjoy different cuisines and flavors. New York City is known for its melting pot of cultures which also means there is a diverse option of food to choose from. Specifically Jackson Heights, New York is one of the easiest place to find variety of food and is easily walkable distance from one place to another. Even better to share the experience with some friends.


Joju - Bahn Mi Fries

Joju offers a modern take on Vietnamese sandwiches ranging from the Classic that is made with pork to the Korean style Beef Bulgogi. You can even add a runny egg to increase the richness of the sandwich. They also offer a huge selection of drinks from teas to coffee and specialty drinks from Mojitos (non-alcoholic) to the Chillers (half slush and half tea).

I opted for the Vietnamese Iced Coffee mixed with condensed milk which was a great way to start the day. And to abandon a little from the typical choice of their sandwiches, the Bahn Mi Fries was a great start to snack on the savory flavor of the fries mixed with the toppings and sauce as if you were to bite into a sandwich.

Chao Thai - Pla-goong

Our next destination, we wanted to enjoy a whole different flavor profile. Thai cuisine is known for their use of ingredients that incorporates the five main flavors, sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy. This shrimp salad definitely does that and also adding a difference in textures with the fresh red onions, mint, cabbage and the shrimp itself. You can also adjust the spice level accordingly when you order this. Definitely would be great with some rice.

La Esquina Del Camaron Mexicano - Mixed Seafood Cocktail

While indoor dining is closed, this hole in the wall, literally, offers an amazing seafood cocktail. There are also tacos you can choose from, but the star of the show was this octopus and shrimp cocktail. It might look like you are there for a different business need, but this window definitely serve up a great portion of seafood in their cocktail.

Dera - Faluda and Jelabee

Our last stop we went for a Pakistani/Indian dessert. Dera offers a mixed of Halal Pakistani and Indian food along with a massive variety of desserts. Something that caught our eye and option was their Faluda which is ice cream with vermicelli noodles, sabja seeds, rose syrup, jelly and milk. With so much different flavors that we've eaten throughout the day, something cool and soothing was a great way to finish our food crawl. If you also have a craving for a more intense sweetness, try their Jelabee, a fry flour soaked in syrupy sweetness.


This only scratched the surface of what other cuisines and restaurants Jackson Heights has to offer. Let me know if you have tried these food before or if you have any other recommendations that is a must try in Jackson Heights. Until the next adventure, cheers!

- Q

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