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Updated: Jul 16, 2021

One thing that I always think about is, how do I give back and what kind of impact will that make? Although it is a simple gesture, there is complexity to the idea, the act and the results I want to see. Something that comes to mind for some of us when asked about 'donations' is, if we even have the funds to give? If we don't feel like we do, then giving back isn't for us (I'll discuss about other ways we can donate aside from money later.) I do want to note that monetary donations can be an effective way to help a cause and having a purpose makes the cause more meaningful and creates opportunities to do more. I have definitely just donated because of 'why not,' but I also want to make a thoughtful contribution. In the past, I have just contributed however I can to whomever needed at that time. Adding more intentions behind that I think, can better foster the relationship between giving and making an impact.

Some things that I have found useful was looking at different philosophies of giving written by Dr. Froswa' Booker-Drew. There are 5 Philosophies of Ethical Giving: Compassionate Philanthropy, Giving to the Neediest, Effective Altruism, Giving as Reparation and Support to Fight Unjust Policies. Compassionate Philanthropy gives to an organization with a connection that is usually personal. Giving to the Neediest identifies those who are in a crucial state and needs it the most in the immediate time. Effective Altruism gives to organization that can impact the most. Giving as Reparation gives for those who don't have the same social justice or didn't have the same advantage as you. Finally, Support to Fight Unjust Policies provides money to those who need support in change of policy for social justice. These are just some examples where we can donate and provide and add a meaning to how we do it. In addition, Dr. Froswa' Booker-Drew also mention tips on how to donate to organization and what to watch out. I highly recommend check that out.


Other Ways to Give Back

Unused/Unwanted Goods:

It's great to donate money to the cause and some organizations can really benefit from that directly. However, I do recognize that not everyone has the means to do that. There are definitely some things that may be overlooked that we can contribute. Some of these things are clothes or household goods that the community can benefit from. If you are like me, someone who sometimes buy excess clothes and seldom wear them or stock up on household goods that just sit there, you may have some that you can give back. Donating them to GoodWill can benefit those who needs them. You can also get a tax receipt for things that are relatively new and unused. In addition, this year I was fortunate enough to have a friend join me to provide more assistance. We gather up more household goods and were able to drop them off at Bowery Mission. Their organization also provide donation receipts for those who may want some tax benefits for doing so. Be sure to check out each organizations' needs and those extra stuff you have at home can be use towards for people who are looking to get back on their feet.

Personal Projects:

One of the reasons I started a blog was also to give back to other businesses. While exploring my own creative outlet, this provides an opportunity to give more exposure to their establishments. I had the privilege to work with Noree Thai Bazaar as my first feature. They became one of my favorite places to go to for happy hour serving great bites and drinks. If you like these features, give it a like so I can showcase more business and make an impact as a community. While this is an example of my own personal project, there are definitely other projects we can create or volunteer as a way to give back.

Social Media:

As a content creator, I appreciate other creators that provide value for the community to use. Their work many times go unappreciated and are without recognition. Starting my blog, it was hard to provide visual content of my own and I have used for they pictures. As they provide them free of cost and no copyright infringement, adding a link to help bring more exposure can further the creators. If there are other creators that you enjoy the content of, liking, commenting and sharing is one of the easiest way to bring more engagement and cost effective.


Lastly, we can provide help within our community, whether it's something you are a part of or one you that you created. Although it touches similar aspects of giving back to the ones previously mentioned, there lies a more interactive way we can help one another. Supporting one another through each other's personal journey is something that we normally see us doing for ourselves. But taking time to hear one another out wherever they are at can help not only you have more clarity with what you do, but give others a sense of community. You are not by yourself.

- Cheers


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