5 Tips to Overcome Roadblocks

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

I'm a firm believer that when we realize what we want, we can then set out plans to achieve them. That was always a great thought; however, I didn't realize that was just the beginning of the journey. There are more things needed to be done than just wanting. I agree the premise that if we are not happy with where we are at that we should take active control and initiative to get there. What I wasn't prepare for was how to deal with the emotions and setbacks that may occur.

I've already dreamt of a certain lifestyle that some of you may relate: owning a home I can design and call it mine, working for a corporation that I can make a substantial impact, create a positive and empowering environment with my friends and family, and to experience whatever else life has to offer and enjoy every piece of it. What I didn't realize was how getting to these lifestyles have some roadblocks that I wasn't prepare for and thus, they became something that weighed heavily in my life and at times, pushed me back a few steps or stopped me from doing anything about it.


Prioritize and Put It On a List

Through some trial and error and still exploring, I found few strategies that was helpful and allowed me to realize what I need to work on and how to overcome them. First it was to list the things I want and prioritize what is the most important.

It can be as specific as you want or as general, but what has been helpful was to list them in priority and timeliness of getting there. This shifted my mind as to what actions can be taken care of right away and also realize that some of them also take time to build, especially if it's regarding investment. Taking the mental strain away from something I can't change from one project, allowed me to open up the space to work on others so they can also be funnel in the process and see how it grows.

Connect the Dots

To build on top of that, even when we list what we want out, getting from where we are now to where we want to go seem so outlandish. The impossibility has stopped me from doing the things I want to do. Instead, I broke down into smaller steps so my mind actually can accept, in order for me to get to the next steps.

When my mind was logically able to accepts the steps necessary to get there, everything made so much more sense. There's a sense in clarity where the actions I'm taking is leading me to the right direction and that sense of clearness relinquished some frustrations. Instead of randomly jabbing at some actions and hoping it can land where I want to go, I had a logical sense to get there.

Talk to Friends

Talking to friends almost seem like a no brainer, but there are particular friends that can provide guidance and some that can make things more confusing. This is not to say they are not good friends. Seeking the advice and at least talking to those who already achieve some sense of what you want or on the way there can help ease into the process.

What I also noticed during this process is that some friends may not always offer you the right information. What's more important sometimes is that you voice it aloud and gave yourself some thing to think it over in that open space. A great friend is there to listen, those who can offer constructive information is great, but sometimes you'll figure if out by just sharing your thoughts.

Block Out Distractions

We are in an information overload world. And sometimes just taking in and processing information takes away our mental focus and capacity to move forward. In some sense base one what we do, we need social media to push us forward. In other sense, social media can drain our energy and feed us the wrong information and deter us from what we need to do at hand.

I am guilty of this through and through. What I find useful during the time in need is consume, moderately, and also be able to let down the information and do what I need to do. The distraction is inevitable, but how we deal with the distraction will help us push through and stay on task.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Time is with us or against us. Most of the time we feel like we need more time when we are having fun or doing something great or too much time when it's not. We tend to think we have more time than we have and end up procrastinating and leaving it for another day. That mindset easily turn to another day and becomes a habit of never attending to what we need.

What I found useful is to put a sensible timeline to when it needs to be accomplished. A little less than the idea so there's a sense of urgency to push us and make us work a litter harder and in the now. Otherwise, even though we care about our goals, we just leave it for another time and sometimes it ends up being too late. Another thing is that it's okay to not always hit the time we want (for the perfectionist out there), but to be okay to adjust and move forward to the bigger picture.


Going through the process, I realize roadblocks are normal. We want something we don't have, that usually mean we have to do something we haven't done. And because of that, we have to overcome things we haven't overcame. It's simple but the process may not be so. However, with everything worth pursuing, the end goal is definitely worth it. I definitely found these 5 strategies to be useful at different times and you may even incorporate some or other strategies on top of that to find what offers you the best vehicle to move toward your goal. I hope this provide some insight to what I am still discovering through my journey and process through life. I more so would like that this provide some tips to help you along with yours. Let me know how you enjoy these and what other strategies you used to overcome roadblocks.

If you have any suggestions on what you would think would be an interesting topic, comment below!

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